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In a super obvious play on the letters of the alphabet, I bring you, well… it’s still letters, but it’s the Logos of the Alphabet!
Creating a unique and interesting logomark from a simple letterform is not an easy task. There are thousands, if not millions of fonts out there to begin with, never mind the infinite potential of custom lettering, so how do you create a unique logo? Well… it  comes down to what everything else comes down to in design – creativity. In the case of the below examples, something different has been done to present the regular shapes in an alternative way – this is why they work so well as logos. Some are clever, some are amusing, all are well-designed.
Initially it was intended to be a series of posts focusing on each letter, but why not have the best of the best, the quality over quantity? Feel free to suggest alternative logos based on letters – this list is open to change.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter A logo - Attido Logo

Love the placement of the logotype with this one. Even though it’s not essential, it forms the horizontal bar in your mind. The colour choice as well is excellent as it really draws the eye into the sharp letter.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter B logo

A clever idea implemented well in this combination of “E” and “B” relates to the literal edge of the board by drawing upon an optical illusion of perspective.

Logos of the Alphabet - logo letter C

The colours in the logomark all work really well together to create a warm and exciting scheme. The main logo has a real fluidity to it with the bulbous shapes leaving a trail behind them, giving the faint suggestion of movement.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter D logo

The first thing I thought of when I saw this was a bullet moving with extreme speed. Movement is a central aspect to the mark with the weight splitting into a trailing pattern flowing behind it.

letter E logo - Elefont - Logos of the Alpabet

A Clever example of negative space being used to form both the elephant’s trunk and the lowercase ‘e’. Simplicity and personality at the highest levels.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter F logo - French Bakery

Another example of combining elements of negative space, in this case it’s more the shaping of the ‘positive’ space which forms the bread and the letter “F”.

Letter G logo - Logos of the Alphabet

I couldn’t find much information on this but thought it deserved a place. It really stood out as being a unique approach to the “G” with the wavelike lines adding to the organic shape.

Logos of the Alphabet - Hannover Zoo logo - letter H logo

Another excellent example of a clever logo bringing the combination of Hannover and Zoo together literally. The colours work really well on the mark, even though a giraffe isn’t actually red, the lowercase ‘h’ suggesting friendliness and humour.

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter I logo

Reminiscent of IBM’s phonetic symbol of the ‘eye’ and ‘i’ this creates a universally recognised mark, despite the connection being in English.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter J logo

The handwritten/signature approach is a common one for photographers and artists, in this case a signatory combination of the two names works well to create a memorable typographic logomark.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter k logo - Kallaway

What can I say? A gorgeous logomark with a unique twist on the stoke of the letter makes for an elegant letterform.

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter L logo - Liozo

An example of clever, negative space usage that doesn’t seem forced. Works really well to create a visually striking logomark suitable for a zoo or animal organisation.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter M logo - Monocle logo

I’ve always loved the Monocle logo. There have been variations, especially with the mirrored “W” but this one is an instant-classic.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter N logo

This “N” is actually built with two number 2’s, flipped and reversed upon each other. It was the initial vision of the N which appealed however with the unique shape and reversal.

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter O logo - Bart O'Dell pencil

An interesting approach to combine the elements of a pencil and the (middle name/Letter?) of Bart O’Dell. Love it!

Logos of the Alphabet - letter P logo - Pelican logo

This was an instant favourite of mine from the first second I saw it. I’m a sucker for the simple black and white logomark and this one is a winner in my eyes.

Heron Quay Logo - Logos of the Alphabet - letter Q logo

One of the clever logomarks that doesn’t try too hard to be clever. This is really elegant and works to draw the eye to the symbolism. The other letters are nicely balanced with the overall shape and weight to work well.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter R logo

Saw this on Dribbble a few months back and bucketed it for future reference – a simple depiction of a mountain, given real shape by the rounded sky.

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter S logo

Minimal, simple, classic – reminds me of a fingerprint, again works so well in black and white.

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter T logo - Tedsom Logo

I love the simplicity and elegance of this one, the colour choice is also bold, but works. This reminds me a little of a candlestick or cake holder the way it balances out.

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter U logo - Unilever Logo

The recent rebrand of Unilever by Wolff Olins was in my opinion, a massive success. This logomark not only looks amazing, but allows for incredible potential variations within further branding.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter V logo - Voices of youth logo

A really unique logomark acting upon the speech bubble idea of communicating and the “V” from Voices. The placement and balance is a winner for me.

Logos of the Alphabet - letter W logo

Similar in reference to several logos, notably Monocle (see above) this is by no means a copy. It has a totally different personality, which is why I love them both 😉

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter X logo - Xavier Fence

A really clever play on the “fence” and the initial ‘X’ allows for a logomark that is just perfect. I really hope this is a real person and not a conceptual logo built upon the pun.

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter Y logo

It’s not a huge manipulation, but cutting out that small section of the Y really gives it a unique look.

Logos of the Alphabet - Letter Z logo

Ending with the mighty Z from the mighty Jan Zabransky. It ticks all the boxes: clever (see additional imagery) minimal, simple, black & white, beautiful. Another instant classic!

 And with that, we’ve reached the end of the Logos of the Alphabet. As I had mentioned, the variety of individually-created letters offered a possible series for each letter, but I’ve tried to filter it down to the best of the best. If you have seen a more visually pleasing logo based upon a letter of the alphabet, or if you have tried designing one, we’d love to hear about it – please leave a comment below. Maybe your’s could grace the next year’s iteration of the “Logos of the Alphabet”.

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