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How Leave All Facebook Groups At Once with a single click? How to remove yourself/myself from over 1000+ groups with a single click? Some guys adding people to their groups carelessly which is very annoying. After joining multiple Facebook groups, we get annoyed by the number of notifications that we receive from Facebook groups. Our news feed is filled with group posts. Facebook have a limit to joining groups , after joining certain number of groups, you are not able to join more groups. To fix these problems, we can use leave all Facebook groups at once tool to completely remove all Facebook groups from a Facebook account.

If you are annoyed by number of notifications you receive from Facebook groups, then use the tool to turn off notifications for all groups at once. To completely get rid of Facebook groups, users can use “Leave All Facebook Groups At Once” tool. before i proceed lets understand what is FACEBOOK GROUP?

skipping many points i want to directly proceed to How to leave a group?

To leave a group, go to the group and click Joined on the group cover photo. Then selectLeave Group from the drop-down menu.

When you leave a group:

  • Members won’t be notified
  • You’re removed from the member list and the group will be removed from your list of groups
  • You’ll no longer get group notifications
  • People will no longer know when you’ve seen a group post, even if you saw it before you left the group

this is the basic and Facebook help for leaving Group which is okay for small groups. but think what if you are added in thousands of groups by your Facebook friends …  The only question will rise in your mind is How I removed myself/yourself from over 1000+ groups with a single click? Don’t Worry i have two solutions for you. here it is :

  1. Extension Method 
  2. Script Method 
  1. Extension Method 


Make sure that you already have installed Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome extension on your chrome web browser, also make sure that you are already logged into your Facebook account, then follow the simple steps given below to remove Facebook Groups from your Facebook account

  1. Click on Facebook Social Toolkit icon to start Facebook Social Toolkit
  2. Click on “Remove All Facebook Groups At Once Tool” from removal tools section
  3. Click on “Remove All Facebook Groups At Once Tool
  4. Allow “Remove All Facebook Groups At Once Tool” to iterate over all group IDs to leave all Facebook Groups. Time needed to leave all groups depends on number of groups joined.

2. Script Method 

You can’t choose the option -’No one Can add me to groups’, Anyone of your friends have permission to add you to a group. And when you are in many groups like me, you will get many many notifications everyday. If you ever want to delete or remove groups, you will have to leave each group one by one which will take hours of efforts.

Using iMarcros you can repeat some activity automatically on a web page. So by this trick we can generate a script which will leave all the groups with one click.Follow steps below to leave all Facebook groups with a click.

1. We will need FireFox for this trick. Chrome will also work but I recommend FireFox for this particular case.

2. Download iMacros Extension for FireFox. After installing it, Log in to your Facebook account.

3. Open your Groups Page. Now open iMacros sidebar by clicking the Button on Navigation Toolbar or Press F8.

4. Now select Record Tab in iMacros. Now in ‘Click Mode’ Option, select ‘Use Complete HTM tag’. This is important because other options will not work .

5. Make sure you have Groups page opened, Now click Record Button. After that click remove button of the top group and click ‘Leave Group’.

6. Pop-up window will appear to confirm. Click Leave Group again. Now page will be reloaded. Click Stop in iMacros.

7. Save the script.Now to make it work properly we have to edit that script. For that Click the Edit tab and select your script. Click Edit Macro. Delete line having Facebook link.

8. Save and Close the Editor. We now want iMacros to repeat this steps automatically, for that Select ‘Play’ tab in iMacros, select our Macro and set repeat macro to a large number like 100.

9. Click play loop, and enjoy. This macros will work like a cakewalk. If the process gets stopped by some reason, click play loop again.

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