Create and Configure your Own HotKey in Windows 7

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Both the Windows 7 and XP have some hotkeys to do things easily and quickly. As example, the Win + E key combination will open the Windows explorer. Again if you pressWin + U then it will open Accessibility Utility Manager.

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But did you ever try to create your own hotkey? Suppose you use a folder every day and can’t keep it so openly in the desktop for security purpose. So, every time you use that folder, you are to navigate to that from the Windows explorer. But if you could create a hotkey for that folder then that folder could be easily and securely accessed.

There is a small and free utility WinHotKey that allows you to create and configure your own hotkey.

This utility allows to create and manage new hotkeys for various purpose. You can assign a hotkey to launch an application, open a document, open a folder, type some text in editpr, control the current windows.

To create your own custom hot key download WinHotKey from the above link, extract the archive and install it. It will show you the list of currently available hot keys (Windows default hotkeys).

To create the new one go through the following steps.

1. Click “New Hotkey”.

2. Type a small description about the hot key so that you can easily understand the property of the shortcut key from that.

3. Choose the key combination.

4. Choose the target job that you want to do by that hot key from the dropdown list. As for example if you want to open a folder then select “Open a folder”, if you want to open an application like calculator, MS Word etc then select “Launch an Application”.

5. Put the location of the folder or the application by clicking on the “Browse” button.

6. You can also configure the functionality of the hot key from the “Advanced” option.

7. After setting the appropriate configuration click OK.


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