Bulk Voice SMS Service

March 16th, 2017 | Admin | Tags:

Bulk Voice Calls Service For Promotions( OBD ) We are one of the leading Bulk Voice Call/SMS Service Provider in Punjab India. We provide Bulk Voice Calls on DND & Non DND both Mobile & Landline Numbers. DND Open Bulk Voice Calls are more beneficial. We provide Bulk Voice Calls on delivered basis & submission basis. We also provide Bulk Voice Calls/SMS on Non DND Mobile Numbers. We are in category of cheapest bulk voice calls provider in Punjab, India. Our DND Bulk Voice Calls packages are very affordable in […]

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WhatsApp’s new features 5 Nov 2015

November 12th, 2015 | Admin | Tags:

बहुत काम के हैं whatsapp के दो नए फीचर 5 November, 2015 पिछले दिनों व्हाट्सएप ने स्टार मैसेज और गूगल ड्राइव बैकअप फीचर का ऐलान किया था जिसका अपडेट जारी कर दिया गया है. हालांकि इस नए वर्जन का अपडेट अभी सभी एंड्रॉयड यूजर्स के डिवाइस पर नहीं आ रहा है. व्हाट्सएप की वेबसाइट से इन अपडेट्स को मैनुअली डाउनलोड कर के इंस्टॉल करना होगा. क्या है नया फीचर स्टार मैसेज इस फीचर के जरिए आप खास मैसेज को स्टार करके बाद में पढ़ने के लिए स्टोर कर सकते हैं. […]

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September 26th, 2015 | Admin | Tags:

How Leave All Facebook Groups At Once with a single click? How to remove yourself/myself from over 1000+ groups with a single click? Some guys adding people to their groups carelessly which is very annoying. After joining multiple Facebook groups, we get annoyed by the number of notifications that we receive from Facebook groups. Our news feed is filled with group posts. Facebook have a limit to joining groups , after joining certain number of groups, you are not able to join more groups. To fix these problems, we can use leave […]

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How to Access Shared Windows Folders on Android, iPad, and iPhone

September 22nd, 2015 | Admin | Tags:

Share a folder with Windows’ built-in sharing options and you can access it on an Android device, iPad, or iPhone. This is a convenient way to stream videos from your PC or access other files wirelessly. You can access folders shared from Mac or Linux in the exact same ways. You’ll just need toshare the folders so they’re accessible from Windows PCs. They’ll appear alongside your available Windows PCs. How to Share the Folder  As with accessing a shared Windows folder from Linux or Mac OS X, you can’t use […]

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Importance of Bulk SMS

June 17th, 2015 | Admin | Tags:

Mobile phones have become an essential component of our lives. They are perfect marketing tools since they support the widespread digital application of SMS. Businesses large and small have come to rely heavily on bulk SMS to help them campaign for their goods or services. Companies that spent huge amounts on advertizing using conventional methods have gone hi-tech and have fine-tuned the latest technology to suit their purpose by resorting to bulk SMS marketing. The principle advantages of the innovative promotional method are: Cost Effective – SMS are a cheaper […]

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Top Domain Name Auction Sites

May 27th, 2015 | Admin | Tags:

Domain auction sites allow users to search, buy and sell multiple presently registered domain names that are listed for sale by owners. These sites facilitate them to place bids on the names they want to purchase to suits their needs from an owner wishing to sell. Through the tools provided at domain auction website multiple users can list or purchase multiple domains easily and conveniently all in the same place, thereby revealing them to a greater number of prospective buyers. In any auction, the highest bidder wins. The more desirable […]

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Top 20 Most expensive domain names: List 2015

May 8th, 2015 | Admin | Tags:

Top 20 Most expensive domain names: – This deal took place in 2007 and the transaction was for $35 million. This is the highest ever deal made to purchase any domain.  Brain Sharples, thefounder of HomeAway, is new owner of this domain and admitted that he purchased it, as he did not want his competitor Expedia to acquire it. – This deal came very close to become the all time highest deal ever made for domain selling.  This transaction happened in 2012 at $ 30.18 million. – […]

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Online Payment is Secure. How?

हालांकि भारत वर्तमान में सबसे ज्‍यादा तेज गति से विकास करने वाला देश है और Internet Use करने वाले Top 10 Countries में से एक है, फिर भी अभी भी लोग अपने ATM cum Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking या Mobile Banking का प्रयोग करते हुए Online Shopping का Online Payment करने के स्‍थान पर Offline Manual Payment करना ज्‍यादा पसन्‍द करते हैं, जिसके अन्‍तर्गत उन्‍हें Bank Branch पर जाकर Cash Amount या Check को Pay Slip Fill करके Bank Deposit करना होता है। क्‍योंकि ये Offline तरीका उन्‍हें ज्‍यादा […]

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Why You Need To Make a Website?

Most people today, whether self-employed or working for a company, will definitely have an email address, a cell phone and possibly a business card (or resume). But most of them would frown upon the idea of having their own website or blog of their own. There are lots of reason for not having one, like, not being web savvy, scared of people knowing about them, or something else. However, contrary to what most people think having a personal website or blog has several advantages and benefits even if you have […]

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